Pig Out Picnic 2020 Funko Fundraiser

2020 Pig Out Picnic Fundraiser

Let’s raise some serious $$$ for #ClayneCrawford Foundation, an opportunity to #MakeADifference and possibly win autographed items weekly (hats, dvds, tshirts) and enter the drawing to win the Grand Prize – a unique Funko of “Riggs”

Fundraiser Rules:

  1. Make your donations or purchases directly to the Clayne Crawford Foundation, in comments please add #Funko
  2. Take a screen shot of your donations or purchases, and send them to @LethalWC_USA (Twitter & Instagram) or email to LethalWestCoast@gmail.com
  3.  Make sure to get the screen shots of your donations or purchases in every week prior to Sundays at 9pm (USA Eastern) to be entered into the weekly drawing for the autographed items (dvds, hats, tshirt) weekly drawing. This includes people who are signed up for the automatic donation, if weekly submit weekly screen shots, if monthly submit monthly screen shots

Drawing Information

Every week (Sundays) there will be a random raffle drawing for autographed items (hats, dvds, tshirts) for each week’s donations or purchases, please make sure to submit your screen shots in time for the Sunday weekly raffle drawing or they will have to go into the following week’s drawing

ALL donations and purchases will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing at end of fundraiser on Friday, May 1st, 2020 for a one of a kind Funko of “Riggs”

Raffle Ticket Rate

$10 = 1

$25 = 3

$50 = 10

$100 = 25


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