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A NEW YEAR 2020 Challenge!

Visit Clayne Crawford’s IMDb to see his extensive credits in both film and tv series. We here at Clayne Crawford Online Challenge YOU to make 2020 the year you will watch or re-watch every film and series featuring Clayne Crawford, and rating and reviewing or updating your previous rating and reviews of each of his works.

For NEW VISITORS, we assure you Clayne Crawford has starred or guest starred in every genre of film and TV series, and you will surely find something you will enjoy. We have no doubt once you’ve seen Clayne Crawford in your chosen genre you will enjoy expanding to see how diverse and truly gifted an actor Clayne Crawford is across all genre.


Congratulations to the entire Cast & Crew of the Sundance Channel’s series RECTIFY (2013-2016) … for being chosen by The Hollywood Reporter as #2 of “The 10 Best TV Shows of the Decade“!  

***Clayne Crawford played Ted Talbot Jr***

“The 10 Best TV Shows of the Decade”! 

11/29/2019 by Daniel Fienberg

The Hollywood Reporter’s chief TV critic picks his favorites, including a trio of powerhouse AMC dramas, a couple of boundary-pushing auteur comedies and a network gem that overcame a bad first season to achieve greatness.

I’ve never been able to adequately convince people to watch Ray McKinnon’s miraculous SundanceTV original, because as much as I want to give it a flashy, sexy description — “After 18 years on Death Row, a man is released from prison and returns home determined to clear his name!” — I invariably end up talking about how Rectify is actually an indescribable blend of Southern gothic and poetry, a sincere exploration of faith and redemption that somehow was ignored by religious advocacy groups who whine about how their interests are never depicted on TV. Rectify is slow and meditative and avoids easy answers at every turn, so even if I could sell it to you as a John Grisham-esque legal thriller, I’d be doing it and you a real disservice. Better to rave about Aden Young’s lead performance, heartbreaking and deadpan and expressing a world of emotion in halting silence. Better to salute an ensemble featuring Abigail Spencer, Clayne Crawford, Adelaide Clemens and J. Smith Cameron. Better to just tell you that no matter how familiar it sounds or no matter which of my chosen keywords scare you off, Rectify is something unique and nourishing and odd. A thing we were blessed to have for 30 episodes.